we work with partners to deliver economic empowerment programs for women

We specialise in consulting for, or designing and delivering, programs focused on women's economic empowerment through financial literacy, entrepreneurship, higher-level business management, and more.

We work with women from low literacy and vulnerable backgrounds, through to women with successful businesses and university educations.  Our curriculum can be tailored to meet the specific needs of our partners and the communities they work with.


Examples of our work


Train the Trainer: Financial Literacy for Women's Savings Groups

We worked with Cambodian Volunteers for Community Development to train their staff in Financial Literacy for women's savings groups in two different provinces of Cambodia. We designed a program that built CVCD's staff capacity in understanding effective financial management for households, working with savings groups to improve their effectiveness, and delivering basic financial literacy training for women with lower literacy and education levels. 

Train the Trainer: Basic Business Education for Vulnerable Women

SHE Rescue Home provides shelter and care for young women who have been trafficked into prostitution or experienced gender-based violence. They also work with women and their families to help reintegrate them back into their homes, and support the families to increase their incomes through micro business loans. 

We worked with them to train their social workers in Basic Business Education, so they could work directly with women and their families to help increase the effectiveness of those businesses. We taught them how to deliver training in financial literacy and for households and business, and how to start a sustainable micro business. 


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WaterSHED: Women's Economic Empowerment in WASH

We worked with WaterSHED Cambodia to design and deliver a series of workshops for their female sales agents and staff in Kampong Cham, to help improve their work in selling WASH products (such as toilets and clean water filters) to rural communities. 

Over several months we delivered workshops on topics including village networking and marketing, value chains, goal setting and action planning, peer mentoring, and more.  

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Engineers Without Borders Australia: Women's Economic Empowerment in WASH

We worked with Engineers Without Borders Australia (Working in Cambodia) to design and deliver a foundational entrepreneurship program for Cambodian women who wanted to launch WASH-related projects and enterprises in communities.  Over several months we delivered a series of workshops on topics such as goal setting and action planning, business models, problem solving, networking and more. 

WaterSHED Cambodia engaged SHE Investments as a partner for it’s Women’s Empowerment Program activities in Kampong Cham province, and it was a resounding success. The SHE team were responsible for designing and facilitating a series of two-day workshops, in which women in the WASH market learned about personal leadership, management skills, and financial literacy. We were very impressed at the bespoke activities that SHE designed to suit our program agenda, and we received overwhelmingly positive evaluations from the workshop participants. The SHE facilitators are enthusiastic and highly trained professionals, and they certainly proved their skills in engaging participants from a range of different ages and experience levels. It was a delight to work with the SHE Investments team, and I can highly recommend their expertise in supporting female entrepreneurs in Cambodia.
— Women's Empowerment Program Manager, WaterSHED Asia

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