The 50 Women Project will provide 50 scholarships for women entrepreneurs in Cambodia to participate in the SHE Incubator Program. 

Those women will be supported through training, mentoring and access to financing to help them scale their businesses and create deep impact for their communities.

We believe in the power of women entrepreneurs. 

Will you join us and be part of The 50 Women Project? 


What is The 50 Women Project?

The 50 Women Project is SHE's campaign to provide 50 scholarships for women entrepreneurs in Cambodia to participate in the SHE Incubator Program.  

A scholarship means providing a woman with business training, mentoring, and access to future financing to help her significantly scale her business, and create real impact for her family and community. 

Get Involved

You can sign up to become part of The 50 Women Project and provide a scholarship for one woman by making a monthly donation for 12 months, either as an individual or as a team. 

A full scholarship is AUD $100 per month. You can choose to donate this full amount, or join with friends to donate together. 

All donations are tax-deductible in Australia. 


Meet our entrepreneurs


“Women are not valued in business because they are expected to only have a microbusiness. No one supports women or give them ideas to start business. In my opinion, if you give an opportunity to a woman, I think they can succeed in business. I really want to change the concept in Cambodia that women cannot be successful. I want to challenge myself to always improve. Since studying at SHE, I have increased my income from $50 a day to $100 a day.”

[Context: Average monthly salary in Cambodia after tax is $200.]


“Society doesn’t place value on women. Even if in theory we have gender equality, the value is placed on men. The women start up a business, but they don’t receive support from the men. The men tell her, ‘You are just a girl. You should stay at home and do housework and look after the children. You shouldn’t go to work as a manager or start a big business’. 

In Cambodia, there are many proverbs about the difference between women and men, that teach society that men are more valuable. This makes me want to fight against this inequality. As a woman, I want to break this stereotype.”


“Cambodian women face a lot of challenges such as gender discrimination within society and the family. Women can only do housework and look after their children. If she goes to work far away from the house, the neighbours will judge her – that she is not a good woman.

Nowadays Cambodian women support each other. Women are supporting each other to rebel against gender inequality and to be advocates for the strength of women together. Unlike before, women now feel comfortable to speak to each other when they have problems or face challenges – and empower each other to find a solution.”


meet the supporters backing women in cambodia

Felicity, entrepreneur

“It’s important to know that there are women of all walks of life, shapes and sizes, being themselves (not who they think they should be or what society says they should be) running successful businesses. When I see someone like me doing what I dream of doing, it has me think I can do that too.“

Amy, entrepreneur

“The 50 Women Project sounds like the perfect mix of my focus on entrepreneurship, and my passion for making a difference. Being part of this project is a fantastic way to stay involved and to enhance my networking and support of other female business owners.“

Amy, social worker

“I think it’s important to support other women because it’s on us. It’s our power, it’s our bodies, it’s our lives, it’s our purpose. 

I wanted to be part of this project because I see the power in the women in Cambodia. I see them changing the country. I see them changing the world.“

Jay, NGO worker

“The idea of women supporting women benefits all women and also demonstrates what a powerful force women can be when we act together to empower and support each other. When you empower a woman and show her she has value, you can transform her life.“

Sally, entrepreneur 

“I support other women in business because I believe that women have an excellent balance of intelligence, thriftiness and compassion. I also believe that the women’s workforce is underutilised in almost every country and that small businesses can have large and positive ramifications on the economy.“

Liz, teacher 

“Women must empower other women – we, who have the means must support.

There is a strength to be gained from having a group who believe in the power of women, knowing that by building strong networks of women, we are empowering our own.“