The SHE Coaches Tour is a unique program developed by SHE Investments, Inta Sellick and Barbara Anderson, professional international coaches from Australia.

This program offers trained coaches the opportunity to use their skills in a different culture and environment, volunteering their services for women who would otherwise not have the chance to benefit from them. 

This program offers a shared learning experience for both female Coaches and Cambodian women who manage micro, small and medium sized enterprises.  By participating in this tour, and contributing to SHE’s work, Coaches make it possible for women in Cambodia to access ongoing training and mentoring to support them to scale their businesses and create impact for communities.

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Why Coaching?

SHE is creating a network of Cambodian women in business, so they can learn from and support each other.  Coaching and mentoring is an important aspect of our program, in which we connect our entrepreneurs with successful Cambodian businesswomen so they can learn from them and receive mentoring and advice.  Inviting professional Coaches from Australia or other countries to mentor and train SHE’s facilitators, mentors and participants in coaching techniques is extremely valuable for both our team and the impact they will continue to make for women in Cambodia.  Building local capacity is crucial in passing these skills on to Cambodians who will continue to use them long after the SHE Tour ends. 

Coaches are also invited to conduct training workshops on a variety of topics within their skill sets and experience, such as goal setting and action planning, creating a business model, marketing, and more.

About the SHE Coaches Tour

The SHE Coaches Tour has been carefully designed to offer qualified coaches: 

  • Immersion in Cambodian culture, through sightseeing, cultural activities, and close interactions with Cambodian women

  • A valuable learning experience which will challenge and inspire you in your personal and professional life

  • A packed itinerary, but one that allows for rest, relaxation, and reflection so as to look after your physical, emotional and spiritual journey through Cambodia

  • An opportunity to not just see and meet new people, but to form close connections and relationships with other Coaches, the SHE team, and Cambodian women entrepreneurs

My coach light has been re-ignited, and I’m very thankful.
— Coaches Tour Participant, 2015

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Program Overview

Your journey through Cambodia will happen in 3 stages: 

1) Sightseeing and Culture

You’ll see Cambodia’s famous ancient temples in Siem Reap, one of the most visited sites in the world.  You’ll also experience more modern examples of Khmer culture, and begin to form connections with your fellow Coaches.

2) Immersion and Learning

You’ll travel to Phnom Penh, and learn about Cambodia’s devastating past and how this has impacted the country’s development today.  You’ll learn about the barriers that women face in life and in business firsthand, and gain new insight into Khmer culture through participation in educational and spiritual activities.

3) Put your coaching skills to use!

You’ll meet the SHE team and begin to practice what you’re best at, using the learnings and insights into Cambodian culture that you’ve learned over the past few days.  The week will finish with the annual SHE Conference, where 100 Cambodian women will come together to learn, share and connect, for an epic day of workshops and celebrating women in business.  Finally, you’ll meet with individual or small groups of women to offer them a more personal coaching session.

Program Inclusions

Your program fee includes: 

  • All meals
  • Accommodation in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh
  • Airport transfers
  • All transport within Cambodia
  • Flight from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh
  • Guidance and support provided by a SHE team leader and local tour guide
  • Sightseeing activities (Angkor Wat, Killing Fields, Genocide Museum)
  • Cultural activities (cooking class, circus performance)
  • Team activities (welcome session, visiting women’s groups)
  • Coaching workshops costs
  • A donation to SHE, which will help to provide scholarships for women to participate in the in SHE Incubator and Accelerator Programs
  • Pre-program information, orientation and support from team leaders and SHE Investments
  • Partial sponsorship for the SHE Conference, which will help to make the event possible and also include you or your business’ name and logo on any event marketing materials

(The best part was) gaining a better understanding of the culture in Cambodia. Meeting amazingly brave, ambitious, innovative women and gaining an appreciation of their successes despite many odds.
— SHE Coaches Tour Participant, 2015

Program Itinerary

Day 1: Meet and Greet

You'll have an official welcome to Cambodia and meet your fellow coaches. You'll learn more about SHE and our work, and meet some of our team and women we work with. 

Day 2: Women in Cambodia

You'll meet with NGOs working directly with women in Cambodia on common issues such as poverty and gender-based violence. You'll also meet with some of SHE's entrepreneurs and learn more about the challenges they've overcome to start their businesses. To finish the day you'll have dinner at a social enterprise circus, and end the night with an amazing circus performance!

Day 3: Cambodian History Part 1

Discover the ancient temples of Angkor Wat and be amazed by architecture that was built more than a thousand years ago.

Day 4: Cambodian History Part 2

You'll fly to Phnom Penh, and then visit the Killing Fields and Tol Sleng, two of the most infamous genocide sites in the world.  Learn about Cambodia’s history of civil war and how this still affects its development today.

Day 5: Cross-Cultural Coaching

You'll start the day with a workshop from SHE's team on coaching women in Cambodia, and learn some tips from Australian Master Coaches and Cambodian facilitators. In the afternoon you'll start coaching women entrepreneurs and start to put the things you've learnt over the past 5 days to use! 

Day 6: The SHE Conference

Spend the day delivering workshops and celebrating Cambodian women in business at the annual SHE Conference

Day 7: Rest & Relaxation

Take some time to relax and reflect on the past week.  Explore local markets, have a swim, or visit some local historical sites!

Day 8: Final Coaching Sessions

Visit Cambodian women at their businesses to deliver one-on-one coaching sessions, learning more about the challenges they face and using your coaching skills to help them set goals for the future.  In the evening you'll have a group farewell dinner to reflect on the last week and take the time to celebrate all you've seen and achieved! 

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