our vision

A world where investing is women is opportunity; not charity.

our mission

We support women micro-small entrepreneurs to scale up and create long-term social, environmental and economic impact for people and communities.

We strive to be a leader and strong voice for the promotion of women’s empowerment; to build structures of support to enable women to lead as role models and change agents in business.

our values



We believe that women are powerful individuals, and that all genders are equal.

We believe that every woman deserves an opportunity, and to be the leader of her own life.

We defend equality as a right for all people.

We are here to support Cambodian women entrepreneurs, and we believe that they have the ability to achieve anything.



We love what we do.

We’re passionate, committed, and we love to be challenged.



We build leaders.

We believe that every woman we work with, and every person working within SHE, has the potential for leadership; and we create opportunities to help them fulfil that potential.



We are always learning.

We strive to constantly reflect and learn, and improve as we move forwards.



We work together with like-minded individuals and organisations.

We strive to create impact together.



We started as an idea.

We’re not afraid to try new things, challenge existing systems, and be innovative in our work.