Seng Somphors

Somphors is Co-Founder & CFO of 5G Railing System Co.,Ltd, a Construction company in Phnom Penh. She is highly experienced in business operations and management, and finance. As a mentor she brings a wealth of business experience.


Darathtey Din

Darathey is a communications and international affairs expert, working at the British Embassy in Cambodia. She specializes in digital media, communications and confidence-building.


Peter Ford

Peter is the Editor in Chief at QED. He works with companies to identify their strengths, and to gain suitable media coverage in Cambodia and across the region. As a mentor, he specializes in marketing, promotion, media relations, tourism, and tech.


Touch Srey Sophea

Ms. Sophea is the founder and owner of Vego Salad Bar, Auberge Mont Royal Hotel, and Sophea Lifestyle. She has extensive experience in boutique hotel and restaurant management, lifestyle health, staff management, and leadership.

Meas Chandany.jpg

Meas Chandany

Chanday is SHE’s Operations & Finance Manager, with extensive experience in financial management, operations, human resources, and leadership roles at major financial institutions.


Carola Krainz

Carola has an Masters of Business Administration and extensive experience in hospitality internationally. Through her company, Carola Marketing Boutique, she supports businesses in effective and marketing, strategy and sales.


Sun Sihanithnovy

Sihanithnovy is a Managing Director at Technology Solution Development Co., Ltd., a corporate business management and optimization software company. She is passionate mentor for women in tech, delegation, and strategy.


Voeung Chan Delice

Delice is the founder and owner of Asia Exotic Tours and Alice Baby Care Products, and as a mentor specialises in business development, strategy and problem solving.

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Celia Boyd

Celia is the co-founder and Managing Director of SHE Investments. She is also the co-owner of a chain of cafe’s in Phnom Penh, and has extensive experience in leadership, strategy, business modelling, and building teams.


Laurent Notin

Laurent is a business management consultant with 20 years SME experience, helping entrepreneurs scale through coaching, training, and advising. He specializes in Business Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Problem Solving and Management.


James Wilson

James is an experienced entrepreneur, and has founded 4 businesses to date in Australia and Cambodia. As the Director of Ngeay Ngeay, and has mentored more than 100 business in Cambodia.


Jesse Lee Gray

Jesse owned and ran a social business for 10 years, helped a social venture accelerator scale to 30 countries, and is currently Knowledge Manager at 17 Triggers. As a mentor, Jesse specializes in communications, operations, strategy, and leadership.


Chanlina Suong

Chanlina is a finance and accounting professional. She currently works for the Investing in Infrastructure Project by Palladium and the Australian Embassy. As a mentor, she specializes in business, financial and accounting modeling.



Sophea has been the General Manager of Eden Park for over 6 years, and prior to this has extensive experience in the NGO sector. As a mentor, she specializes in hospitality, sales and marketing, leadership and external relations.


Chhoun Thida

Thida is the General Manager at Open Team Translation and Visa Consultancy Services. Her background is in Mathematics, English Literature. As a mentor, she specializes in decision-making.

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Chim Sophak

Sophak is a facilitator at SHE Investments and the General Manager of Lady Saving Group. As a mentor, she specializes in leadership and decision-making through self-empowerment.


Jacquie Roberts

Jacquie has 30 years experience in the tourism sector in senior management roles. Her expertise lies in the areas of strategy development for partnerships, sales, marketing and distribution in international tourism markets.


Khy Lavy

Lavy is an experienced business owner that sells beauty products and provides skin consultations. As a mentor, she can help with problem solving, advice, leadership, and operations management.


Heloise Pichot

Heloise supports micro entrepreneurs in multiple provinces across Cambodia to scale and create community impact. She specializes in business and financial modeling, leadership and decision making.


Tim Leakhena

Leakhena is a fashion designer, and owns her own business making and selling clothing. She specialises in leadership and business strategy.


Yasmine Genena

Yasmine is the Events and Public Relations Officer at IDP Education in Cambodia. She has extensive experience in marketing, communications, public relations, events management, community engagement, problem solving and leadership.


Ny Souta

Ny is the owner of Urban Sport Club in Kampong Cham Province, and manages the business’ daily operations as well as sales and marketing. As a mentor, Ny specializes in business management, sales and marketing.

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Alix Feschotte

Alix is the co-founder of Wapatoa. She is experienced in education, app development, tech startups, business and financial modelling, operations, sales and marketing.


Nou Soklina

Coming from a background in business and management, Nou is the Vice Director of an education institution. As a mentor she specializes in business modeling, sales, marketing, leadership.

Nhoep Bopha copy.jpg

Nhoep Bopha

Bopha is the co-founder of Lady Consulting Tax Service Co., Ltd. She is a specialist in accounting, taxation and business registration. She is passionate about helping women to understand and manage their business financials.


Stephanie Letessier

Stephanie is a business compliance and governance consultant, and is currently developing her own social enterprise. As a mentor she specializes in business modeling, risk management, and leadership.


Vong Bopha

Bopha works with local NGOs as a finance and admin expert. Working with small-scale organizations, she leads day-to-day operations. As a mentor, she specializes in accounting, sales and marketing.


Nikolai Schwarz

Niokolai is the head of Friends-International’s social businesses, and has worked as a management advisor around the world. He specializes in business and financial modeling, customer orientation, sales and marketing.


Tan Sreypov

Sreypov is the founder and owner of AGAPE Coffee, which has 3 coffee shop locations in Phnom Penh and Koh Kong, and a coffee farm in Koh Kong province. Sreypov is a graduate of SHE’s Accelerator Program.


Pheng Sok Mom

Peng Sokmom is the owner of Irra spa, and has more than 8 years experience in skin care consultation. Her business provides services such as skin consultation and treatment, stress release, sleeping treatment and massage.