we support female professionals to have a greater voice in the workplace

SHE delivers professional Leadership and Management training workshops for middle and senior management women in Cambodia. This training has been co-designed by experienced business owners and managers, professional trainers, and Cambodian female leaders.

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Training Overview

SHE's Leadership and Management Training for Women is delivered over two days in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  Participants are from a range of non-government, private sector, and government organisations, typically in middle-management and senior-management roles.  Throughout the two days, which are delivered by SHE's professional Khmer female trainers, participants learn: 

  • How to build their personal vision and values
  • How to be a proactive leader, rather than reactive 
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • How to create a clear action plan for a team
  • What is responsible leadership and management
  • How to build an effective and high-performing team
  • How to increase their confidence and voice in the workplace

To learn more about our Leadership and Management Training Programs for Women, or how you or your team can participate in the next training, get in touch with us.

I personally have noticed a remarkable development SreyNeang* has made, especially in the leadership area at her workplace.”
— Participant's Manager, Book Bridge (*name changed)