our vision

is a world where investment into women in developing countries is seen as opportunity, not charity.

Our mission is to support female entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and create social and economic impact for communities.

Our objective is to be a catalyst for income generation and employment, improve local economies and bridge the gender gap in business and entrepreneurship

we work focus on the "missing middle"

Between the micro-enterprise and small-medium enterprise (SME) sector.

We support women with micro businesses to scale to sustainable and impactful SMEs, because we believe that this is where real and long-term social and economic impact can be made. The SME sector is the backbone of any economy, but it's also a very male-dominated one.

Business sector in Cambodia

Women own 61% of micro businesses in Cambodia, but only 18% of small businesses and 28% of medium sized businesses.

Men are more likely to have access to business training, mentoring and financing than women. They typically own larger and more profitable businesses, and are more likely to attain investment. 

We want women to have those same opportunities. 

How We're Funded

In 2016, we were 50% self-funded. Our goal is to increase this each year until we're a self-sustaining organisation.

We're a social enterprise.

We're registered as a business (non-profit) in Cambodia, and we have non-profit projects which can receive tax-deductible grants and donations from our partner, World Relief Australia. 

We receive grants and donations from our amazing partners and supporters to provide scholarships for women who can't afford training fees to participate in our programs.

We also provide consulting and training services, primarily for NGO partners, to design and deliver Women's Economic Empowerment programs. This income allows us to subsidise our program costs, and also covers our operational expenses. It also means that when you make a donation to SHE, it goes directly to our programs and the women we work with.

our values


We believe women are powerful individuals who are equal to men


We’re passionate about our work, and we inspire others to follow their passions


We believe in taking risks and in empowering people to make their own decisions

Constant Learning

Continuous learning is our key to improving and making things better and better


We always work in partnership with like-minded individuals and groups. We believe that we’re stronger together


We’re not afraid to find new ways of doing things