our purpose

In Cambodia, more than 80% of small businesses (between 10 – 100 employees) are owned by men.  And yet, women run more than 60% of the total number of businesses; the problem is, they’re stuck in the micro-sector.

 We fundamentally believe that there is huge untapped potential in the mostly female-led, micro economy. We’re not looking for the next Facebook; we support women with micro-small enterprises to scale up to become small-medium enterprises, which is the largest contributing factor for emerging economies.

Women are already solving problems in their communities and earning incomes for their families through MSMEs. We’re building an ecosystem of support – training, mentoring, access to information and financing – to help build them up and create impact for thousands more people. Rather than providing charity, our purpose is to build women’s confidence and ability to provide for themselves, their families, and entire communities.

our model

SHE Investments is an umbrella of 3 separate entities working together to fill different gaps in the entrepreneurial ecosystem:

SHE (Support Her Enterprise Co. Ltd.) is a business (social enterprise) that designs and delivers the only business incubators and accelerators for women in Cambodia. In the future we will also link women’s SMEs directly to investment to help them scale even further.

SHE is our largest and longest-running entity, with the majority of our team employed by this business, and most of our operational expenses fall under this. SHE is a tax-paying, legally registered business in Cambodia, that earns income through our programs, partnerships and services. Our goal is for SHE to be a sustainable business model.

SHE (Support Her Enterprise Co. Ltd.) was co-founded by 2 Australians and 1 Cambodian.

SHE NGO is a our non-profit arm, a locally registered Non-Government Organisation which delivers the Thriive Cambodia program, granting 0% interest loans of up to USD 10,000 to socially impactful businesses, and also providing scholarships for women who cannot afford the program fees to participate in SHE’s Incubator and Accelerator Programs.

We launched SHE NGO because until the end of 2018, our business and non-profit arms were mixed within one organisation (Support Her Enterprise Co. Ltd.). As we grew, we decided to formally split the two entities in order to clearly define our non-profit work from the social enterprise.

The Managing Director of SHE NGO is a Cambodian woman, and the majority of the Board of Directors is Cambodian nationals.

Ngeay Ngeay (Easy Easy) is Cambodia’s first Business Information Platform; providing all of the information and access to reliable services anyone in Cambodia needs to register a business (and all in both English and Khmer language). Ngeay Ngeay provides free, open-source information on every step in the registration process, as well as access to tools and resources for business management. Ngeay Ngeay also provides business consulting and registration services for a fee, the income of which goes back to SHE and our programs.

In 2019, supported by Development Innovations, DAI and USAID, Ngeay Ngeay will launch an improved and updated website, with a new eLearning platform and increased range of services and service providers (launching July 2019).


how we work

we focus on the "missing middle"

Between the micro-enterprise and small-medium enterprise (SME) sector.

We support women with micro businesses to scale to sustainable and impactful SMEs, because we believe that this is where real and long-term social and economic impact can be made. The SME sector is the backbone of any economy, but it's also a very male-dominated one.

Business sector in Cambodia

Women own 61% of micro businesses in Cambodia, but only 18% of small businesses and 28% of medium sized businesses.

Men are more likely to have access to business training, mentoring and financing than women. They typically own larger and more profitable businesses, and are more likely to attain investment. 

We want women to have those same opportunities. 

our values


We believe women are powerful individuals who are equal to men


We’re passionate about our work, and we inspire others to follow their passions


We believe in taking risks and in empowering people to make their own decisions

Constant Learning

Continuous learning is our key to improving and making things better and better


We always work in partnership with like-minded individuals and groups. We believe that we’re stronger together


We’re not afraid to find new ways of doing things