The SHE Accelerator is for women with micro-small sized businesses, and 5 or more paid employees. This program is designed to support women to enter the formal economy, by scaling up businesses and preparing them for future growth and financing.

Program Structure

  • 10 days of workshops delivered over 6 months

  • 1:1, peer and group mentoring sessions

  • All content delivered in Khmer language, by Khmer female facilitators, and with gender and cultural lenses applied to all workshops

Program Objectives

  • Increase business revenue and create new jobs

  • Transition women’s businesses into the formal economy and ready them for growth

  • Improve access to markets

  • Improve women's financial, business and problem-solving skills

  • Improve women’s confidence and leadership abilities


  • Goal setting and Business Planning

  • Business Financial Management

  • Human Resources Management

  • Understanding effective business models

  • Marketing

  • Networking

  • Leadership

Impact Measurement

Impact is measured using the following indicators:

  • Business growth & Impact (increased revenue, infrastructure, employees, and wider impact for communities)

  • Formal Business Registration & Financing (increased businesses entering the formal economy and accessing financing such as formal loans or investment)

  • Women’s Empowerment (increased confidence and decision-making power within households and businesses, and an increase in women’s leadership within communities)

specialised accelerators

We design and deliver specialised Accelerator Programs with different partners and program participants.

Current specialised Accelerators include:

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growth accelerator group photo.jpg

Development Innovations: SHE Accelerator

In 2018 - 2019, we’re working with Development Innovations, funded by DAI and USAID, to design and deliver 4x programs (2 Incubators and 2 Accelerators), working with a total of 54 women over 12 months. These programs are designed to use SHE’s existing curriculum and program design, with an added layer of Appropriate Technology; teaching female entrepreneurs about technology that can improve the efficiency of their businesses, and help them to scale. This includes financial management tools tailored to Cambodian financial systems, social media training, online HR tools tailored to Cambodian culture, and more.

SHE Growth Accelerator

Sponsored by the British Embassy in Phnom Penh, in 2018 - 2019 we are working with 17 female small business owners that want to transition into the formal economy, by registering their businesses and getting ready for significant growth.

In Cambodia, less than 10% of businesses are formally registered, with only around 2% of those businesses being registered by women (despite women owning 65% of the businesses in the country). This new Growth Accelerator is designed to provide women with specialised training and consulting to help them legally register and formalise their business structures. The program includes sponsorship of several businesses to pay for the legal fees associated with registration.


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