we believe in the power of women entrepreneurs

Women run 65% of the businesses in Cambodia.

However, most of them are micro-sized and informal.

We want to change this.

SHE Investments works with women in Cambodia to support them in scaling their businesses to create social and economic impact.

We work with Cambodian women who have micro-businesses to help them:

Develop leadership skills and confidence

Access information, training, mentoring and financing

Accelerate their growth and impact

In Cambodia only 1.7% of businesses are formally registered by women.

96% of women’s businesses engage 4 or less people.

And yet, women own more businesses than men.  

Women employ other women.

Women create impact for whole communities.

This is why we focus on supporting and scaling women micro entrepreneurs. 

“I doubled my monthly revenue in only 3 months”

“I created 3 new jobs by the time I graduated from the SHE Incubator”

“I increased my monthly revenue by 400%”

“I increased my income, started a second business, and created jobs for women in my community”

“I doubled the size of my farm”

“I feel more confident to manage a business, and I increased my income 4 times over”

Our Impact

67% of graduates increase their monthly revenues by between 100 - 500%

100% of graduates report a significant increase in self-confidence

85% of graduates feel they have more decision-making power in their household and business

Our Partners